Affiliate Programm

This Bulk Sms Sender has an affiliate program that is so rich and rewarding. An Affiliate earns a commission of 40% from every purchase made through his affiliate link. In order to register as an Affiliate,

  • First go to *** , a trusted Payment Gateway and open a free account. Obtain your VoguePay Merchant ID.
  • Click Here to sign up for your Affiliate Account

Supply every information as required and put your VoguePay Merchant ID in the appropriate box and click on Submit to obtain your Referral/Affiliate Link. You can send your Referral link to your friends and loved ones via bulk sms or from your cell phone to your friends and loved ones to purchase the Bulk Sms App. As soon as a client purchases the product through your link, 40% (Commission) of the purchase price instantly goes into your VoguePay Account, which you can withdraw when it is up to N1000.00. There are three versions of the Application, DOV 1.1.1, DOV 1.1.2 and DOV 1.1.3. The price of each is N500.00. All financial transactions are handled by VoguePay. Their proficient Api system does the rationing and pays all our clients their commissions into their respective VoguePay Accounts, from where they will make their withdrawals. is just a merchant website. We do not handle any financial transactions. All necessary monetary transactions are handled by VoguePay, a trusted and reliable payment Gateway. We pride ourselves on our top level of professionalism and integrity. If you have any questions about our website or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.