Currently, we have two marketing tools to assist our Affiliates in their marketing. These tools are: Danuds Premium GSM Number Generator and SixtusApps Mailer.


DANUDS PREMIUM GSM NUMBER GENERATOR is an offline Desktop Application for generating GSM Numbers. It generates at random numbers of the four mostly patronised GSM Service Providers in Nigeria. These are: MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Globacom. The numbers generated are in the format 08123456789, 07123456789, 09123456789, etc. They are strings from the Service Providers Codes. Hence most of those numbers generated are currently in use and others not yet put to use will soon be put to use when subscribers purchase them. The Application produces over 400 Phone Numbers per column per click. There are four columns, each for a given service provider. Altogether, a single click generates over 1600 Phone Numbers. A user can initiate as many clicks as he desires. One can generate unlimited Phone Numbers and save them in a format he wishes, Microsoft word, Excel or on Notepad. Danuds Premium Gsm Number Generator is a tool that every successful Marketer should endeavour to own. To install the software, it is necessary that you deactivate antivirus in your Computer. Then download and install in your system following system promptings. Danuds Premium Gsm Number Generator costs N1500.00 (One Thousand Five Hundred Naira) only. The Affiliate earns N300.00 for a single sale. Click
Note : This application is compatible with only windows operating system


This is a cool, easy-to-use Application that enables one send bulk mails to Recipients’ inbox. The interface is quite simple. Its method of operation is not complicated.


  1. Mails are sent via Google Mail Platform. To enable sending, one should log into his Gmail Account and enable less secure apps. Visit: https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps
  2. In the box labelled EMAIL ADDRESS, enter the Email Address you wish to send your mails through and input its Password in the box next to it.
  3. Copy paste the the Email IDs you wish to send mails to in the box provided, each email address should be on a separate line; Eg, 1234@gmail.com
    byk@ncc.co, etc.
  4. Type the Subject matter and the body of the mail in the boxes provided
  5. Click the SEND Button at the base of the interface. Your message will be sent to the inbox of the recipients.
  6. This Application is quite simple and easy to use. It is capable to send in tens and hundreds at a time.
  7. Sixtechs Bulk Mailer costs N3500.00. Affiliate gets N500.00.

    Note : This application is compatible with only windows operating system